Knowledge Management

Professional organisations need to manage their knowledge for it to be available to the right people at the right time. This promotes a culture of learning and knowledge sharing within the organisation.


Education of youth and children has always been the focus of visionaries. The development of the nation is dependent on the early childhood development and high-quality education which in turn leads to country’s economic success.


Livelihood remains a problem even today in our country and steps have been taken to ensure livelihoods by the government and non-government agencies. Despite economic growth in India, poverty remains an unfortunate reality.



Water Sanitation and Hygiene are key indicators of development of any nation. Prevention of contamination of water, treatment distribution and handling of drinking water, new innovations in water conservation as a result of environmental change is the focus of the development professionals.


Nutrition, especially in neonatal and post natal phase, has been recognized as a vital component of child development. Social welfare agencies have been intervening in the area of nutrition of children, mothers as well as adolescent girls.

Public Health

Public Health is a major concern, especially in the developing countries and organisations working in the developmental sector have been implementing programs to address this issue.

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